XIX' improvisations

A Glass Upbringing
from deoxy-chat on oct.22.2003 0:50 cest
used by permission
all artwork by Tigre

the minute that provided a glass upbringing, you know how to kill the deluded shoving earthen no-scope virginianan rocky serpents

hills of hogs in the night crunching over your soul without bringing me through to a crowded carseat. i shot your name and flew on two

old and out, flying giving over a science. no need for ulcers knocking my light into dark to combine and start without kings to worship a lake

i believe bees can turn over and become lions inside a card of dark. green honey dripping from your eyes as you die. imove

i slice thru and there is white sheets of hope with brown masks covering all that breathes in sync with me. a wrath of god bumping into my neck, ruthless marine life unraveled into a slipping piece of black, it just slips then slips

billowing torture machines are what your vision bleeds this time. open up and down climbing on manaquin ice believe out burst no virus is gonna silence me. god get this old moon out of my lower spine and take it to my mom. she greets like a beetle

running through darkened shrines kneeling and you're the mimic i saw in the snowy empire that is a dead goat. got to get at least a mile out of sight before i can bind with tape and sand, breaking my hand. christ this is just plain white rice. fuck it.








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