Say, can we fly?


A collective poem made from posts at AFTRlifestyle (a group that has become rather quiet, I recommend AFTRLIFE instead) by Dale, BoB, David, Christian, DoMi Noh, Cori, L'aura, Ann, Sherri, Chaogrrl and if I missed someone, I'm sorry. Collaged and filled in by Bozo.


Say, can we fly?

Landmines crawl.
Rampant warlords rule
the Eastern and the Western World.

The Evil Empire emerged again.
Lo, behold:
Our own shadow.

Resistance is futile,

But necessary

For those who dare to dream

Lest they too be assimilated.
Lavender and Green Tea:
No more.

But home is the sailor,
Home from the sea:
Hope herself raises a head.

Heptadekasyllabic algorithms
Speak of
A bright future

In stinking frog pajamas
Half asleep
Tenderly loving a muse.

The moose, amused,
Unravelled a noose
And emptied a swimming milk crate.

Vegan Gandhi, the anal queen
Soon became a running joke:
Knee stuff is always a drag.

Breathe deeply, do not project,
Live in the moment.
Pile your compost high

With the withered and dead.
Plant some trees,
Apologize to the mother.

Not the sacredness
the wheel,
Perceived reality is spongy.

Lost and found and loved
And stuffed away
And found again and loved anew:

Welcome home, sailor,
What wonderful tales.
And great that you lived to tell!

Enter the timeless,
sing to our cats
Behind flower-shower-curtains.

What happens to space in the timeless?
Aren't they linked?
Say, can we fly?


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