An Ecclesiastic Triptych


The venerable vicar
from his parish pulpit
and in the chapel's vestibule
preaches sermons of lore
of history
of tragedy
of comedy
maybe of revolution
-what a show!-
while thrice-crowned cripples
condemn the truly Divine
ex cathedra
and archbishops dine with the devil
or Chaucer, at least
-what a show!-

Good News

God in His time
didn't care
doesn't care
won't care
about his self-appointed servants
clad in boring black
fiddling about in dark and dusty rectories
fiddling about
mildew on their forced smiles
their flickering candles melting
fiddling about
while they carve their thoughts and faiths
on the hearts of young children
and innocent old men.

Gregorian Chant

Praise ye the honourable priest
the glorious keeper of history
when history is threatened by decay
Praise the dusty books of prayer
their content may be void
their meaning though is not
Praise the upkeep of memory
a memory of suppression, right,
a memory of war, but at least
a memory of some kind
Praise the ornate gowns they wear
they clad a frightening skeleton
and Praise their incense:
opium for the world
a world that needs its drugs
to overcome its sins
to dream away its fears
to sleep a little sleep
to wake up and be dead


Words by Volker Schmidt
Illustration: North Face Window of Notre Dame de Paris courtesy of Elore.

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