Mountains of me
Mantra Bounce
Super Giant Slalom
And apples
Red Tigers
Triple Yes

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Mountains of me

It's like I think all the time I'm awake
And it's not like some soft dreams
Nor superficial analysis
It's more like hardcore meditation
Without the bliss sparkling in my hands
Overwhelming or at all
Just like that

It's like I see more widely now
I figure I could say brightly too
Like into deeper and beyond
And it's not always too cool
But I'm teaching my thoughts to accept this
Rollercoaster ride
Still fun no matter what

Yeah I realize you will never and like
Nobody else either so you know
If a question happens to knock
On your mind please show him the door
Like I was just going to ask you straight forward
Something I planned for
Like two weeks or so

But it's like you taught me patience
And I suddenly had enough of it
And I'm heading to the mountains of me
And falling more in love with isolation
Every second of the wait.



Mantra Bounce

My moves grow wilder
my smile
the fingerpainted spirals
as high to the air
as I dare
it's strobe light
the angelic kind
resting on my
power a while.

The glances caught
wobble my mood
for a doubt or two
please soul
hear me through
I'm pet by
the most consoling thought
Love for you.

Love for you.
And you and you.

Mind is a windshield,
music the wiper,
is pulling over
stepping out of the car
and Dancing
as wild
with the dark
as in the light

all sounds psychedelic
when you think about it

Let's check this
one more time
Love for you
is tonight
whereas humble
is home
and my body
the beat anew
Love for you.
Love for you.

This thought paste fits
fine with the rhythm
I close my eyes
lose all needs
witness via feeling
my shoes getting married
to the lift and land -thing
I love to let the dough rise,
let the dough rise.

And here's love for you now.
Love for you.



Super Giant Slalom

As naturally as
School leaks hooligans
As inevitably as
One day you'll find
Majesty in pine needles
As of course as
Onward with moderate speed
Is good for you and your family

I can't dodge the same disasters forever

And little I care
Whether I live or die
I thought I believed.

I would create the same disasters forever

Not yet can I afford to go nonchalant
Some changes are yet to be pulled to reality
I've postponed for God knows how long
At least long enough, forever for a maximum

Bumping into tastes oddly home




I'm an easy ball to juggle
I'm kind and obedient
I organize a party
For your best thoughts
And watch you wriggle
Fed and pleased
On the bottom of a bowl
Brimming over with ego

Am I below your levels
I hear you think sometimes
We can't break but I'm breaking
Your theories are wrong
Sometimes and sometimes I
Feel the blues of a planet
And you help me
And I can't help the doubt

I'm afire in my energies
I'm in the starmode
This blissful melancholy
I wish to have silence
Spend time alone with me
I run and you follow
Yes you are funny you are
Censoring me hurts a million

Strangely it fascinates to be stuck
In a situation in which I feel
Juggled more than anything
Juggled more than loved
And this might very well be
Just another neurosis
Still, suicidal or not,
Only in my instinct I will trust.

And apples

Who drunkard buttoned
Those twinkling spacebugs?
I dig his style!
Who generous genius
Watered the lonesome seed?
He shares my taste!
Then dances on my tongue
But do you with your nose and toes
Do you speak my steps?
Do you wonder what love is?
Waiting is our only attempt.

I switch the hardcore pixie vibes on.
I remain close to the path of foxes.

Who drunkard slept
With the man with the frisbee
And eyes that thaw me out?
Who carefree cat owner
Wishes to own a cat one day?
I like all touches
They keep my cool boiling
Blissful unbalance is our only condition.

I drink greedily these electric events.
I remain close to the way of atoms
and apples
jumping out of a big truth.

Red Tigers

My noble jellyfish dignity
Will never shake no matter how often
You wind your curls around my fingers
You are tempted to trumpet
To my doorbell before punching.

My dolphin dance silence
Pulls little blue sighs down your amazement
Crystal ball clear is the clearest it can get
You are tempted to assume
When the fog hangs heavy.

My whale eye lullaby
Guides you into peaceful sensations
In the pine tree melodies and the swirls
You are tempted to forget
I too have red tigers in me.

Triple Yes

Damn the valley I've been living in
Thinking writing is my thing
Damn urge to seek for critic
Not much can a poem, not much can a poem
Do you agree, do you agree easily?

Some lips way milky twist and shake
Shoot finger point shouts at my face
Sliding sour as you claim me poisonous
I could enjoy this, suckling you like this
Am I ever exposed? Am I ever exposed?

The forget-me-not bloomed and died
She whispers the way my memory cries
My body curls up, all spaces shrink
I follow not expect, I follow not expect
Who's the figurehead, hey? who's the figurehead?

I suffer sometimes because I can
I'm a woman. And not as any man
I don't avoid suffering whenever I can
I waltz the way I do because I'm passionate to
I need no other reward. I need no triple yes.

Realising this was important in fact
So important that I'd like to propose a toast
For this realisation. Let us dance
our seducing dance around the fire of applaud
Unattached and free like the saddest ghosts.



Artwork by Karen Puruntatameri, Francesca Puruntatameri, Roslyn Orsto, Bima Woody, Donna Burak, Tracy Puruntatameri, Marie Josette Orsto and Cecilia Ann Kerinailia. All taken from and available at aboriginalpainting.